Maintenance Cleaning

Maintain the value and beauty of your commercial property by booking a Maintenance Cleaning. Wipe away stains by power washing your outdoor service, such as your storefront stairs or front of building, and waxing your indoor flooring. 

Power washing is very important to your outdoor areas, as it removes dirt, mildew and mold, especially in shaded areas, leaving your customers with a great first impression! Floor waxing can not only make your floors shine, but can protect your floors from everyday wear and tear like scrapes, scuffs, and spills. Regular power washing and floor waxing helps you get rid of dust, grease and other residues that have built up on your surfaces over time. Protect and cherish your commercial property, by requesting a quote for a Maintenance Cleaning now!

NOTE: In order to complete a floor stripping and waxing service, all furniture needs to be moved out of the area before it can take place. Vacating the area of people or inhabitants is necessary for the duration of the service. Thank you!